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spaces+places was formed with the idea of a two-fold design of the built environment. We use the term "spaces" to talk about the contained spaces formed by architecture and man-made elements, or the landscape. We can think of them as rooms, whether interior or exterior. "Places," on the other hand, give us grounding and direction in our world. They help us to know who we are in our community, engage us in it, and point us where to go. These "places" can be our communities, public places, landmarks, or events.

Spaces and places come together as architecture and urban planning. We are committed to designing with both of these elements in view at all times, and committed to doing so sustainably - fostering social justice and diversity, conserving natural resources, designing for humans and their health, and caring for the natural environment.


Cindy Gray Schneider




Over the past 20 years, Cindy Schneider has engaged in the design and creation of many exciting spaces+places. She started out her career working with Torti Gallas and Partners in Silver Spring, MD. There she had the opportunity to work on multiple award-winning architecture and planning projects, including Salishan and City West. She then moved to Istanbul, Turkey, to assist Torti Gallas with establishing their overseas liaison office. In 2010, she moved to Chicago, where she has worked with Holabird & Root and Farr Associates. She is a Registered Architect in Illinois and Maryland and is accredited by the American Institute of Certified Planners.

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