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For a weekend in the summer of 2017, the Chatham neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago was transformed with a street festival, volunteer-built parklets, and sidewalk cafe seating. The event brought neighbors together for good food, drink, and music.

with Farr Associates

Pop-up Parklet Seating

While working at Torti Gallas & Partners, Cindy Schneider had the opportunity to spend five years as Project Architect, Project Manager, and Planner for the design of this 2,000-unit community on 180 acres of land in Tacoma, WA.

Salishan House Tree

At Holabird & Root, Cindy Schneider had the opportunity to work on this great proposal for a Live/Work Art Space in the historic district of Pullman on Chicago's South Side. Our proposal included 34 live/work units, a gallery, cafe, and classroom space, making for a vibrant mixed-use project.

Pullman coffee cafe



04  /  06  /  2018

spaces+places has arrived!

spaces+places come together as architecture and urban planning, and we work with both of these ideas in view at all times, in every project. We use the term "spaces" to talk about the contained spaces formed by architecture and man-made elements, or the landscape. We can think of them as rooms, whether interior or exterior. "Places," on the other hand, give us grounding and direction in our world. They help us to know who we are in our community, engage us in it, and point us where to go. These "places" can be our communities, public places, landmarks, or events.

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